Friday, November 27, 2009

Some Possible Networks

We seem to have some possible network themes bubbling to the surface already and, though I do not want to start pigeonholing courses to broader themes, the following seem to apply to many of the courses as we move forward and begin to think of tags for each of the courses:

Virtual Minds
Technologies of Gender

What I like at this point is the overlap that many of these have. We need to make linkages not only between the courses in one "theme" but courses int he others as well.

And thinking about tagging, I am thinking that we should pick keywords that a) are NOT in the course description, and b) that are NOT academic disciplines in their own right. For example, why would I keyword a themed ENG101 "composition"? It is a composition course, right? On the other hand, I should not tag my ENG101 course "philosophy" because it is not a philosophy course. Finally, the words should be attractive to students. So, I am thinking tags should be like the following:

ENG099; Theme: Game Nation; Tags: Video games, Teaching & Learning, Simulation
ENG101; Theme: Living in the Matrix; Tags: Media, Simulation, Reality vs. Illusion
ENG102: Writing Through Literature; Theme: Supernatural; Tags: Paranormal, Psyche, Reality vs. Illusion
ENG2XX: Themes in Literature; Theme: The Grimm; Tags: Paranormal, Psyche, Reality vs. Illusion
LIB200: Liberal Arts and Science Capstone; Theme: Virtual Culture; Tags: Media, Simulation, Reality vs. Illusion

Still thinking.

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  1. Mmm--the way you have set these up does not allow me to see common tags w/my courses. I'm thinking: sex, gender, feminism, consumerism, social construction, identity, representation, and etc.

    And why not philosophy? Phyllis is doing philosophy in her comp. class.

  2. Yeah, but we would work those out amongst us as we tag and move forward. For example, could you not pick sex OR gender? And where I might use "personality" you might use "identity" so we'd work that out (or not!) As far as philosophy goes, I also do philosophy but it all focuses on ontology (reality production) and NOT on teaching philosophy as a methodological system per se. In essence, I could tag every single course I do "philosophy" but that doesn't really say much whereas "ontology" or "reality vs. illusion" would! Just thinking.

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