Monday, February 22, 2010

Notes for Organizational Pre-meeting 2/22/2010

Meet and Greet (and Eat)
·         A bit of background on the Community 2.0 Idea
·         Some formalized show and tell to get us started
·         Q&A and Impromptu show and tell
·         Theme Building Activity (Defining terms we use to connect)
·         Making Connections Between Courses
·         Techie Time   

Tasks to be Completed (These incorporate X's comments/suggestions from below)
·        Gmail Accounts
·        Blogger Basics (i.e. Follow, Post, Comment, Tag)
·        Establish Basic Lexicon of Procedural Tags (i.e. Last Name, Course Codes, etc.)
·        Establish Basic Lexicon of Course Theme Tags (i.e. Gender, Urban, Media, etc.)
·        Make initial connections between courses by posting a tagged entry to the blog with a course description.
·        Begin mapping out course activities.


Alexander, Christopher
Arcario, Paul
Cen, Ed
Clark, J. Elizabeth
Dragan, Rich
Gallagher, Kristen
Gallardo, Ximena
Hickman, Tara J.
Klages, Marisa
Lucca, Louis
McCormick, Elizabeth
Molina, Miguel
Orgel, Ros
Ovadia, Steve
Romanello, Mary
Smith, C. Jason
Stadler, Priscilla
Tanenbaum, Laura
Trapani, Santo
Vasileiou, Luke
Van Slyck, Phyllis
White, Scott

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