Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brainstorming and Critiquing

"Roles 12" from

One assignment that my Woman Trouble (ENG 099) and Sex and the City (ENG 101/103) will share is writing about the social construction of gender in print ads as they appear in The exercise is high stakes for the ENG099 students (they write a 400+ word paper analyzing one ad) and low stakes for my ENG 101 students (they write a Ning blog discussing how the ads make use of stereotypes to sell as part of a larger project about gender inequality).

Since the 099 assignment comes before the 101, I was going to have my ENG099 students comment on the 101 blogs. Jason also suggested that we have his Media for the Masses 101 students peer critique the 099 papers (which they rarely pass on their first try).

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