Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Connecting to another English 102

So, Luke and I are both dealing with Classical mythology this semester and we envision doing some work together around this in terms of what our students are doing. This will probably happen later in the semester- and maybe around the Drama. Luke is teaching Oedipus, I might teach Oedipus or Medea or Lysistrata. We are going to meet the week after Spring Break to have our students miss face to face, though we will have them enrolled in each other's blogs this semester from the outset (or as soon as we get this set up). Once students meet, we'll continue blogging and having students read each other's blogs and then find someway to do other work together.



  1. I'll probably be working with you guys as well. We obviously have similar interests.

  2. NICE--Marisa tagged Luke as well in this post. Very conservative and sleek!

  3. The face-to-face element is very interesting. I'm curious if that'll make a difference in terms of the quality of the online interactions.