Friday, March 5, 2010

Creating Community with Facebook

I am ready to move forward in my Principles of Finance class using Facebook as a pedagogical tool for the first time. I created, and would suggest to those that wish to use Facebook, a separate professional Facebook account as many students may wish to "friend" you. For the class, I created a public group (public so that the group is open to individuals outside of those registered for the class) called "Prof. Trapani's Business Students." (Feel free to join the group by doing a search in Facebook) Here I will upload articles, hold discussions, and ask students to upload their work so that other students (past, present, and future) can view what we're doing. Additionally, I will have members of the financial community (stockbrokers, financial planners etc.) join discussions. While I will still use Blackboard 8 for course content directly related to the text, the advantages and ease of using Facebook, in addition to creating an "open" space, will help in administering open discussions not limited to those registered in the class, and will also help ease the process of uploading articles, videos, and other content. Once a member of the group, students will have an opportunity to "friend" me, thereby creating a place to build community and nurture relationships with the ultimate long term goal of following the student along their journey at the college. Stay tuned.


  1. Sounds fantastic! The good news is that, like Jason's blog, you will be building a community that reaches beyond this semester.

  2. Also, I hope you don't mind that I added tags to your post; just trying to keep things accurate...