Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The ENG 102 Greek connection

Marisa and I disucssed our common tags of mythology and literature and we discovered that we have other thematic connections as well. Marisa is considering teaching a Percy Jackson and the Olympians novel, and possibly a classical Greek play as well. I have scheduled Oedipus the King as the play for my ENG 102 class, but as I told Marisa, many of  the other selections in the course are American and British and so I felt that students will experience too wide a leap to the classical era and that mythology. Since Marisa's students will be reading a novel that brings that mythology to modern-day America, I thought that having my students read and be engaged with blog entries from her class will pave the way for them to bridge the other literature they are reading with the mythological context of Oedipus. Since we both feel strongly that we need to find ways to emphasize the writing nature of ENG 102, we plan to have students interact and respond to blogs from the other's section and perhaps even exchange ideas on some assignments.

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  1. I like that move away from a "shared text" to a "shared context".