Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ENG101/103 Ethics of Food cluster

My ENG101 and ENG103 courses this semester are part of a new cluster called "The Ethics of Food," which Aaron Rizzieri of Humanities (philosophy) and I have been developing. In my courses, the students will use writing and research to engage with a complex of food-related issues (health, labor politics, environmental issues, the ethical treatment of animals, public policy, "globalization") with an overarching emphasis on the political economy of the global food system: in other words, we'll use these separate issues to explore how we as individuals (consumers, workers, taxpayers, etc.) participate in the global food system, the effects of that system on ourselves, our communities, and the earth, and our options for individual and collective transformation of that system. Readings include Eric Schlosser, Raj Patel, Michael Pollan, Gail A. Eisnitz, Peter Singer, and Bob Torres.

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  1. Hi Chirs-
    I'm looking forward to sharing materials this semester. I may even make a Blog, which feels very high tech to me, like going on the interweb.