Wednesday, March 3, 2010

English 102: Composition II Writing Through Literature

English 102 is a Writing Through Literature Class. In terms of the Writing Sequence at LaGuardia (beginning in Basic Writing) it is our "highest" writing course that is mandatory for students to take (especially since many students take 101 and 103 at the same time and those draw on similiar expository skills). English 102 focuses on developing student ability to read and write about literary works. I think I'm going to focus on Mythology and Monsters, this semester, though I'm not sure where exactly that will go. Since this course needs to use 3 genres, I'm going to use poetry, drama and novel. I think, in terms of readings, I'm going to use some of Beowulf (likely, the monster part), a drama (maybe Lysistrata) and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I'm happy to take suggestions here as well as I'm delving into stuff I've never really taught before.


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