Saturday, March 20, 2010

Facebook is going real well thus far!

I'm sharing a Facebook chat conversation I had with a student this morning. The fact that the student had access (through Web 2.0) to get an answer to a question on a Saturday morning is priceless! Additionally, the student didn't have a Facebook account before the class and is already using additional features. Student learning is evident in this brief conversation as she relates what we talked about in class (FIAT MONEY) to another class (BUSINESS LAW). Additionally, she expresses interest in attending a free financial seminar offered by the college that I posted on the Facebook group page. The student's name has been changed to "student" for privacy concerns.

good mornig i have a question were r we suppose toget theanswer for inflation rate also i went into site GDP and look but dont know were i get current rate
Ah....the GDP site gives you information about CALCULATING GDP; think about where else you can go to find that data...(HINT: START WITH GOOGLE SEARCH).
i did goggle it and found many sites so I will look through them and print it
how about inflation rate
Regarding the inflation rate, are you talking about the question using the inflation rate calculator?
11:15am Student
no...just the answer is fine...unless you want to give it a shot on your own!
Wanda, I want to commend you as you weren't even on Facebook before we started and now you're chatting!! Good for you!
11:17am Student
the 4 questions on blackboard are the only questions we have to answer
11:18am Santo
Yep...and the definitions.
11:19am Student
thanks hope u enjoy this beautiful spring day im off to school got a class 1-430 monday will explain how last night my teacher was talking about the same thing we are fiat money well see u monday got to go
11:21am Student
i didnt know about that credit class on thrusday from2-4 would like to come next week


  1. I am going to play your investment game when I get a sec. It looks like your students are having a great time!