Friday, March 12, 2010

First Week Comes To A Close with 63 Facebook Group Members

Students responded to the Facebook group page with alacrity, with membership growing from 23 to 63 students in the first week. I knew Facebook was extremely popular, but I didn't think that 98% of students in my two Finance Courses would have Facebook pages (as compared to 62% who have used Blackboard). What I like thus far is the ease at which information can be disseminated in addition to having instant access to chat with students in real time, reply to student questions via posts and private email, and the ability to upload articles and videos ...HAVING IT ALL IN ONE PLACE...makes it easier to manage!

Feel free to take a peek or join the group:

Interesting stuff:
One student changed their PROFILE picture to one that looks more professional.
Some students have requested me as a friend, and have also befriended other students.
One student emailed me a question about the web assignment; with that other students replied that they were having the same problem. I reiterated the instructions immediately by posting another message.

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  1. I'm torn between joining and not joining; my "face" on FB has been minimal so far and I was planning to leave it like that for a bit. But on the other hand I want to know more!!