Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grading Blogs

Some of you have been asking how we grade students' blogs. Priscilla found a great rubric HERE.

Also, below are my instructions and grading criteria for blogs for my Spring 2008 Shakespeare class. All 10 blogs were worth 30% of the grade.

As part of the requirements for this course, you will keep a guided blog in Blogger ( in which you will explore your responses to concepts and issues raised by the texts and class experiences.

The blog will consist of 12 entries. I will discard the two entries with lowest points and calculate your grade using the other ten. That way you can afford a couple of bad/sick days.

Blog entries should be 250+ words. I strongly recommend writing and saving them in MS Word before pasting them into the text box, just in case the Internet decides to go wiggy on you before you hit “submit.” Do not overly worry about grammar and mechanics when writing these entries—what we will be looking for is evidence that you are thinking about the issues and readings we have covered that week. Also, do not worry about your ideas being “right”; remember: we are exploring ideas here. Feel free to add images, sound, videos, and links to your entries.

In addition to writing an entry each week, you should read the entries of at least two other classmates and respond to them. A brief one-paragraph response is the minimum length for these responses.

Your entries are due every Tuesday by 8:00am am. During Tuesday, I will check all blogs, read selected blogs, and occasionally respond to some of the content. Responses to two classmates’ blogs are due 10 minutes into Thursday’s class. You can either write them before Thursday or during the first 10 minutes of class.

You will earn points for submitting an entry on time (10 p.), for the energy and time reflected in its content (10 p.), and for the level of engagement with your classmates’ entries (10 p.). I will only give minimum credit to entries turned in after the 8:00 am deadline.


  1. I use a very similar system. You can see what I am doing for my 102 this semester on my home blog at (The first entry at the bottom).


  2. The real question - how do you evaluate PAPERS that are blog-based (and not on paper)? Are your comments public? Sent privately? Do you avoid any direct correction or line editing?

    I am so intrigued by the idea, but so wary of the possible complications.

  3. I post my written comments publicly, but actively avoid trying to justify a grade--just praise and "how about trying X". If a student requests a justification, I do that in a conference. BUT, my papers are P/F, I grade the blog series as a whole, so if they did not hit deadlines and etc. then the point loss is pretty obvious--to everyone.

  4. Very interesting - thanks for the speedy feedback!