Friday, March 26, 2010

Good news and Updates!

Hey all—

Great news! As some of you already know, thanks to our Dean and co-participant Paul Arcario (and, of course the CTL), we have a full seminar next year with stipends and all--hosted by yours truly, Phyllis, Ximena, and Craig from the CTL! We may not know exactly what we are doing, but we are certainly doing it well, right? If you want to apply for the Community 2.0 seminar, please go to The application is due Monday, April 15, 2010. We'd  really like as many of the core group to participate as possible.

Now, a few organizational and technical items:

1. Please tag every post if possible. The easiest way to tag is to click on SHOW ALL next to the “Labels” window on the post. A list of all our labels will open. Tags should be separated by commas or they will be read as one tag. (FYI: If you use the "show all" option, it inserts the commas automatically).

2. If you are using Blogger and getting RSS feeds when linking to your students, be sure to have them post an initial blog entry (of even two words). Until then, you will go right to an RSS feed page.

3. I have considered blocking out our blog to “anonymous” posters as we are starting to get some odd responses as well as ads. I am currently deleting them all, but that could become tedious. We can discuss this as a group here or in our jam if you like. We are still currently un-moderated and anyone can post, though I get alerts via email when there is a post or comment.

TY to Ximena for the handy visual aid above!

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