Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Connection(s)

So yesterday I met with Ed. He's doing Fundamentals of Speech and I'm doing Information Strategies. So we're going to put together some cross-pollination around the idea of evaluation and bias. We don't have everything worked out yet, but we were talking about having students look at videos and then discuss the bias and accuracy of the information presented. It seems like an easier activity for students to do with a group of people, rather than alone.

I also made some plans with Santo to maybe do something business-y, since my semester theme will revolve around Google and privacy. We still have to get that nailed down, though. But I'd love for students to see how much of a business Google is (as oppose to a public utility...)

Also, below I mentioned preferring WordPress to Blogger. There are three reasons:

1. WordPress has a nice interface, with most of what you need right in your post window. Blogger has buttons and tabs everywhere.

2. WordPress seems to have more URLs available. Blogger blogs always end up something like

3. The WordPress registration process is super quick. The Blogger/Google one is a big more involved.

Not to hate on Blogger. The interface has actually gotten much smoother (and quicker -- it used to be pretty slow).


  1. Hey! I plan on making some connections with you and Scott as well, of course. Particularly with my 103 that is in a cluster. Will tell soon.

    (Oh, and I hope if you don't mind if I added Ed and Santo to your tags as it makes it a bit easier for us to follow who is doing what.)

    Rock on Garth,

  2. I want to know more about Google-as-business and privacy--let us know when you've fleshed it out!

  3. Yeah. I was hoping to connect with some 103s, too.

  4. Blog not found
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    (Verbatim message, heh heh!-)