Friday, March 5, 2010

My Plan

During our meeting, I talked to Chris and Lizzie about connections between my work-themed 101 and their clusters about food politics. I also talked to Ximena about how my art politics protest class would connect to work her students will be doing on Judy Chicago's Dinner party. While we won't be looking at that particular work, students will be doing their big project on a political work of their choice, so it will be great to see other examples of students asking those questions.

Because just linking the blogs will give our students lots of times to get lost, I'm going to be in touch with these folks and on the look out for specific assignments/writings I want to draw my students' attention towards.

Also, I didn't try this tag, before, but along with music, poetry and so forth, I'll be talking about sports in my art, politics protest: specifically Mohammad Ali and the Mexico City games in 1968. Very curious as to if anyone has ever touched on this topic? A big part of many people's lives, and a window to so much . . .


  1. Hey, T. Your new tag is now part of our list. I also added feminism (how could I forget that one last week?) Looking forward.

  2. Also, I hope you don't mind that I added your name to the tags; it's just to keep things organized...

  3. Of course not! "feminism" will show up for me - it's a closer fit than 'gender' for the art, politics, protest class since we're looking through a social movements lens.