Monday, March 8, 2010

Need a tutor-team to read your student responses?

Hi Communiteens--

My course will be very different from others' in that it is the course to train Writing Center tutors (ENG 220). I hope to make my students available to respond to your students! Could be cool, no? Because we have our own course to complete, I only have time to make this available twice: Thursday April 15 & Thursday May 13. Our lab hour (when the responses will be posted) is Thursday evening from 6:55-7:55 PM. If this fits your schedule, let me know as soon as you can!

In order ensure quality for your students, my plan is to have my tutors work on responses in groups during our lab hour. Each group will be led by one of the 1-2 best students--that way the 220 students who are struggling will still be involved and have a chance to learn from working with those who are doing well, but they won't be out there sending bad advice to your students.

Of course, we'll be blogging and responding to everyone in more freelance ways from early in the semester, but this offer I am making you is for something more formal, more "online tutoring" and less "individuals responding." Sound ok?

See you in cyber-school!


  1. Oooooooo yesssss. I have a cluster (ENG101/103) and a ENG102. 102 will be posting the draft of their first paper next week and I will give you a tell.

  2. I have an ENG 103 class that could use advice on their rough drafts by Thursday May 13 (actually a bit earlier would be better, but that's the way it goes...). Thanks for the excellent opportunity!

  3. Hey--I added some tags to your post. I hope you don't mind. Feel free to revise. :-)

  4. X, consider yourself scheduled for responses on May 13! We'll have to hook up our students by then and I'm new to this--so tell me how!

    J, tell me when your student put up their papers, and I'll arrange for some kind of response.

    No matter what happens, guys--please tell me if the tutoring students do anything odd, inappropriate, unhelpful, or if there are any problems whatsoever with how they respond. It really helps these students if they get feedback on what they're doing, so be ruthlessly honest with me about your experience!

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  6. Just remind your guys that their responses to my students are PUBLIC for everyone in the world to see. A good exercise in tone, no? ;)