Thursday, March 4, 2010

Posting Once a Week - or Thereabouts

Jason and Ximena suggest we post updates about what we're doing in terms of Community 2.0 once a week. Here are the types of questions to think about in your update post:

*What you are doing
*What you plan to do
*What you'd like to do
*Who you are hooking up with
*What's not working 
*Any questions that you think may benefit the group

We can post on our own blogs and publish the post here, or post here directly.

P.S. from X: Read Dean Arcario's comment below or HERE


  1. Hi Folks: Just a few suggestions for when you post -
    -What are you doing? (or plan or like to do): Please give enough descriptive detail so that we can actually tell what your activities are. In particular, how are the students in one class set up to interact with students in other classes?
    -Who are you hooking up with? Be sure we know the person as well as the class (we'd like to keep track of which course sections are interacting).
    Thanks, Paul

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