Saturday, March 13, 2010

Problem with "My Blogs" Widget

Kristen and I were just discussing a problem with the "My Blogs" widget on Blogger, and I thought I should post about it here. The widget is a great tool for keeping track of class blogs, because it sets up a list of those blogs in your sidebar that sorts them according to the most recent update and shows when they've been updated -- so you can easily see who's done their homework. Or it would be a great tool, except that the widget has a habit of automatically linking to the RSS feeds of some blogs instead of the regular URLs, and when it does that it won't sort them right or display the date of the most recent post. And it will probably confuse your students if you ask them to use the "My Blogs" list to reach each other's writing.

The widget seems to work fine with some blogs and flake out with others. I can't tell what the difference is -- anyone? I checked the Blogger forums, and complaints about this problem go back to January. It's not listed as a known issue and there doesn't seem to be a fix on the horizon.

I'm planning to use my Netvibes page to work around the problem -- manageable but not ideal.


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  1. Hey dudes-- I think it only hooks to the RSS if a student has not posted a blog entry yet. Or, that has been my experience anyway.