Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quick Report : Week 2

This week my students began to share their ideas and comment on each others' work via Ning blogs and forums, and --in my research courses-- via Diigo.

I have pasted a typical exchange from The Writer's Life blog below. As you can see, the students are working hard at sharing ideas. And while many of these ideas could have been shared face to face, the link that student "C" includes to the cool "Rebirth of Venus" T-shirt could only happen in an online environment!

Student thinking about a topic for her paper:
I am actually interested in two topics- one i am considering to do is about eating disorders and how this affects teenagers. Another one i was thinking about is on how plastic surgery can do more bad than good. Like i said before, i love plastic surgery, but when it is reconstructive. However, the other day i was watching this channel which was showing some documentaries about people who had gone under plastic surgery and ended up being really sick. So I was thinking about writing about how unnecessary plastic surgery can ruin a person's life, and the negative results it can bring along. Although this two topics are very interesting, i have also considered to make a research paper about sexually transmitted diseases, and how serious the consequences could be.

Comments on her blog:
Me: I was just watching a lecture by a Yale professor on the subject of happiness. He was summarizing the different findings on what makes humans happy. The section I talk about below comes rather late in the lesson.
As it turns out, our average happiness is not affected by much (no, not even death), but there are a few things that do seem to affect it long term: NOISE (negatively) and PLASTIC SURGERY (positively)--what would you know?

Student A: Both of your topics are extremely interesting and can perhaps be creatively combined. Eating disorders, from my understanding, can occur to people who have body-image issues. They may have a warped perception of what they look like and may therefore be convinced to have a negative relationship with food. I am NOT referring to people who eat lots of food to fulfill an emotional need and are grossly overweight or are morbidly obese, I am referring to those who consume very little food or intentionally vomit their food so that they do not gain wait. Perhaps this is a poor man's way of avoiding surgery. Nevertheless, both plastic surgery and this type of eating disorder in a quest for "the perfect body" can both be researched as the lengths a person would go through to get the body they desire. Does that make sense?

Student B: I think the topic about eating disorders is interesting, because this affect to many teenagers and also to many children in this country. The new generation is going to follow to characters like famous and models getting illness like bulemmia. Another point is that many children are getting obesity , the cause the fast food. i think that this topic has many information.

Student C: I think plastic surgery is an interesting phenomenon too and I think I have the same opinions as you on the good that reconstructive surgery can do, but at the same time I think if someone has the money and really wants to get something done they should have the right to do it. But I'm also aware of how social forces can affect someone's perceptions of how they look... maybe there should be mandatory psychological counseling before anyone gets elective surgery? Your topic reminds me of this shirt I have.

Student D: i think that your topic on eating dissorders would be a good topic to write about since this is an issue that unfortunately is taking place in our society. Its affecting the younger generation and it can cause great harm. Its good information that can benefit teenagers that tend to look up to famous celeberties and go through what ever it takes to look slim just like their favorite celeb's.

Student E: I think the topic with the plastic surgery will be good to write about On vh1 there is this show about plastic surgery and it shows you what happen when people go through it some get very sick and other surgery turn out very horrible

Student thinking about topic responds:
Guys thank you very much. Your comments are very helpful. :)) im looking forward to writing a very interesting paper.

Student F: There is alot of infoformation on all your topics. I like your last topic, about sexually transmitted disease because it would be a good idea to inform teenagers or young adults about this topic. You can't go wrong with either of your topics.

Student G: Plastic surgery , eating disorders and STD's have a lot of documentaries especially on T.V. umm maybe you can talk about eating disorders and how it effects the younger generation like children who look up to celebs. and plastic surgery can fall under this category too because a lot of " role models" are giving the wrong message to others by saying beauty requires perfection so plastic surgery is needed to fix whatever it is your unhappy with , and than you can talk about the negatives like whoever tried to fix their nose and it turned out wrong than that one surgery multiplied into 3-5 surgeries

Student H: I think the topic on eating disorders and how they effect teenagers is goin to be a good topic of choice.There are many ways they affect teenagers internally and externally. I read an article on eating disoreders in one of my english classes and i found it very interesting because i found out a lot of things that were very intriging.

Assignments Completed
Click on the titles to go to a copy of the assignment.

Using Diigo
This week both my ENG 101 and ENG 103 used Diigo to annotate resources for their papers. The students in ENG 101 are already sharing their findings in a group. The students in ENG 103 will do it (probably) next week (we only meet once a week).

Understanding Plagiarism
The title of this assignment is pretty self explanatory. I have used this assignment to great success in all my classes. I think it could use some revision to include blogs and images, though I usually cover those topics orally in class.

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  1. I like this plagiarism exercise. I will use it, so now we have effectively traded lessons...and all on a Saturday...hmmm...