Friday, March 12, 2010

Quick Report

All my students have joined their  respective Nings and posted one assignment:
Note: Sex and the City is a private Ning because of the potential private nature of students' work there. I told my students that we could make it public by the end of the semester, if everyone in the class agrees.  

If you and/or your students want to join the Sex and the City Ning, let me know and I will be happy to make you members.

Both the Sex and the City students and the Writer's Life students have also joined groups in Diigo.

As others have mentioned, I have made plans to connect my classes with Jason, Kristen, and (tentatively) Steve and Laura.

Projects assigned/completed this week

Click on the titles to get a full version of each assignment.

Tech Assignment
A handout with instructions on how to access/join the following tools/communities: Ning, Diigo, Wikipedia, LaGuardia e-mail, CUNY Blackboard 8.0. Adapted from one of Jason's assignments.

My ENG 101 students completed this assignment for homework from Monday to Wednesday. My ENG 103 students completed it in a computer classroom with my help. It took them about an hour. (Surprise, surprise, the hardest item was obtaining their LaGuardia e-mail...about one third of students got the INVALID LOGIN message.)

Reading Critically
A handout for reviewing the basics of  reading critically.

My ENG 099 and ENG 101 students used these instructions to annotate/annolight a short text during class. We then summarized the text and selected a few quotes/examples and discussed why they were significant. I plan to use similar strategies for when the students do research using Diigo.

Diagnostic Prompts
These are the prompts for Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" for an ENG 099 as well as for Margaret Sanger's "Awakening and Revolt" or Tommi Avicolli's "He Defies You Still" for an ENG 101.

Research Papers
Here are the instructions for a Research Narrative assigned to ENG 101.

Here are the instructions for a Research Paper to be published online assigned to ENG 103.

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