Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break!

This week didn't involve too much Web 2.0 stuff, but they're working on their blogs over the break. I already got one post back and it seems pretty good.

Now that the class seems to have fallen into a rhythm and I feel like there's a relatively solid foundation laid down for the class, I want to spend the next nine weeks or so working on some collaborations with people here. I'm posting this goal here to create a public shame factor for myself.

Also, Ximena just left me a comment on my blog that Jason had his students get Creative Commons licenses for their blogs.

We actually discussed copyright and Creative Commons in class Monday, so this is a great idea for my students, but it's probably great for any class that's creating publicly available content. It protects their work and shows them their work is worth protecting. Also, it helps them to get a better handle on the double-edged sword that is copyright.

So thanks to Ximena and Jason for that great idea!


  1. We also did Community Commons this week and my students (101/103) copyrighted their blogs.

  2. Which makes me think: how do I do this for my students in Ning?