Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 1

Technically, my week one is still in progress as I'm about to go into class.

This first week I was trying to set the table in terms of ideas we'll use throughout the semester. But that idea of needing to get students ready for something can be a little addictive. I found I was putting off blogging because I wanted my class to be ready for it. But I'm not sure what ready even means. So we're full speed ahead with the blogs next week and I'm very excited. Plus, I think class blogs will give the class a reflective element that was missing in some of my earlier plans.

I need to thank Jason, though. Seeing what his students were already up to made me want to get my own class rolling right away.

Still no formal class-hopping collaborations going yet, but I've been talking to Ximena and Ed and Santo and Jason, so hopefully that'll start to come together once everyone is settled in.

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  1. I'll be ready to start hooking up late next week. I need to clean up some tech issues first so we are lean, clean, and mean.