Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week One: ENG101/103 and ENG102

Hi everyone--

I've seen a lot of posting about potential connections so far. Thanks! If the first week has been as hectic as mine, then you may have been waiting until the end of the week to let us know what your are doing or thinking of doing. I managed to squeeze in a few minutes, finally, this morning. The connections outside my own classes and the cluster are, at the moment, theoretical, so I'll be working more on that next week. Also, If I haven't linked up your web space (whatever tool you may be using) to our collective blog yet, just send em the URL and I'll do so.

In my ENG101/103 cluster class this week we set up our blogs and began interconnecting them. The reading was "The Parable of the Cave" and we watched ""The Truman Show" (today). They will be writing their blog entry over the weekend. The ENG102 blogs are also up and I am connecting the two classes together. Both of these classes will be working with Ximena's classes farther down the road (we're working on this now) and I am also planning on connecting with Kristin's tutoring class as well as with the library (Steve and Scott). This weekend I'll finalize the schedule and start making those connections.

102 has read Warren's poem "Original Sin: A Short Story" and read about Jung's "The Shadow"; and they are about to read Rossetti's long poem "Goblin Market". We are specifically working on tone and symbolism for their first paper.


  1. I loved reading through your class's posts. It really inspired me to get myself in gear with my class!

  2. LOL. You are ahead of me on reading them then. Any thoughts on grades for them? (I do try and get them to hit the ground running!)