Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I thought I was on post overload this week after all the jam posts and replies and I would skip posting here, but I have been thinking about my experience in the Ning. I liked the threaded discussions--something that blogger doesn't really do since even comments on blogger are just one big list. I have the sense that the Ning allows for ongoing conversations in a way blogger does not, yet on the other hand I am curious about what students can do in terms of control because the Ning felt a lot more teacher-controlled than blogger. Can members create new discussion threads by default or do you have to enable them? If the latter, I would like to hear from Ning users here what they have chosen to do and how it has worked for them.


  1. is an alternative to Ning for educators. It's a professional social network specifically for the education community. You can form online communities that include a blog, threaded discussions, a wiki, a live chat, document archiving, a calender, a poll.
    Any professional involved in education can join at

  2. Hey Luke (I've seen Lisa's ad before--they are trying to take people away from Ning).

    Ning are social networks, so they are by default "open," as in members can do pretty much everything they want (upload videos, photos, start chats, forums, blogs, events, etc.) by default except delete each other's stuff. That only the owner of the Ning and the person who posted can do. Now, the owner can enable members to be administrators, moderators, etc. so s/he is not doing all the administration.

    Still, Nings are more "closed" than Blogger in some ways because the community is forced to be together, whereas in Blogger one can ignore other bloggers easily. Plus, the look and feel of the Ning is the owner's (although I think you can delegate that part also).