Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ning will be charging - maybe staying free for teachers



  1. Not for colleges; not even community colleges.

    That's why I've been looking for options such as Spruz

    Check out my test site:


  2. Spruz? We are so out of words to name services. I'm about to go live with a product called hjkl.

  3. @ Steve: man, that is truly hilarious!

    BTW, I also dealt with the issue one other way: I created an ACT-style assignment that asked my Basic Writing students to read the reasoning behind the change, read the pricing of the different services, and write a letter to the CEO of Ning and post it on his blog giving their opinion on the move.

  4. I suggest you to use GROU.PS I have migrated there, others have less storage. I need upload option but spruz does not provide it what a shame. Also try grouply (heard that spamming but not sure) and webs (just for personal blogs)