Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Class Trip to Ning

So this week, my students went into Ximena's Ning and recommended keywords and sources for their various papers.

I can't speak to how helpful it was for Ximena's students, but it seemed incredibly helpful for mine. My students were really focused in their advice, but also relatively on-point with their suggestions.

I'll ask them to brainstorm keywords for their own work in class and they'll avoid Boolean terms and refuse to run test searches.

But when it came to helping Ximena's students, they were all about test searches, refining searches, and Boolean connectors.

I'm hoping now that they've applied this to other students' work, they'll see they can also do it for themselves.

The students really seemed to enjoy the assignment, though. And getting everyone into Ning was truly effortless.

Here's the specific assignment my class did for Ximena.

Hopefully Ximena's class will swing by our class next week as we work on paraphrasing and using quotations.


  1. Ximena has been really happy with what you guys did. I think that is the kind of mentoring we need to see more of in the Fall. --Jason

  2. Hey Steve-

    Slowly but surely my students will be thanking your students. This is a part of the process that I find VERY important: to acknowledge the work others have done to help our work.

    And for the record: many of my students found good articles thanks to your students. As we know, they avoid the library databases like the plague, so it was very good that OTHER STUDENTS told them where to go and what keywords they might want to use.

  3. The mentoring was great. I guess what I found so interesting was that I assumed my students would help Ximena's students and then her class would eventually reciprocate with another project. But I didn't expect my students to get so much out of helping hers.