Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tutors Respond Again!

Last Thursday my tutors responded to Dr. X's 099 students ACT writing on their NING. We had the same basic tutoring response guidelines as we did when responding to Dr. Smith's ENG 102 students: be descriptive, try to say something positive and also suggest something(s) for the student to work on. I could see a real improvement in the quality of my tutors responses this time compared to that experience at the beginning of the semester.

I'm sure they've improved at giving feedback because they've read alot more theory over the last two months, plus they observed four tutoring sessions with the regular tutors at the Writing Center. Moreover, they wrote detailed evaluations (to be delivered to Bert this week!) of the tutoring they observed when sitting in on tutoring sessions, and they've been tutoring my 099 students in the Writing Center for the last four weeks. So, while a couple of them could still use some work, I thought their responses were mostly well-written, descriptive of what they saw the student doing, and critical yet encouraging. That's one of the main skills we've been refining these last 2 weeks--how to be critical yet encouraging. The other thing we've been working on is how to meet the student where he/she is at, and how to identify the 1-2 things that seem most necessary and possible for the student to work on. I feel like the tutors did well with that too.

I hope it was good for Dr. X's students!

One problem we had, though, was that NING would not let several of my students post. It was doing the same thing it was doing to me & Priscilla during the Jam. They were signed in, they had been allowed to sign up for Dr. X's NING in particular, and yet it wouldn't accept their posts! I have to say it made me not like NING! It's really frustrating when that happens!

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  1. Yes--that was not good at all. I have encountered the same problems when I had my ENG 103 comment on the ENG 101--only three students out of 28, but still...

    Kristen's students went around the problem by e-mailing me their comments, and I posted them, but it is not the same.

    Needless to say, next semester I'm using Blogger (maybe Wordpress) and Spruz.