Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My students are now posting the different parts of their staged essays on the blogs. I'm still struggling to get the commenting part going - having outside readers comment seems to have helped in the past, so if you, like I, procrastinate by posting on blogs, and want to drop a comment on their various stages and other posts, that would be great:

The 101 blog is here - their theme is work and their drawing on archive sources and other course texts to investigate a work related theme. Some will be doing an interview themselves, and others will use course text. Student blogs are linked along the side.

The Art, Protest, Politics blog is here - this is a great class with great discussion and papers, but the blogs have played a smaller role. That should be changing as they investigate a political art work of their choice. Student blogs linked along the side.

Also, I'm interesting in archiving this semester's blogs (with their permission). I take it this is a pretty easy thing to do?


  1. Blogger Doctor X said...

    At what stage would you like for people to comment? (I say this because right now your 101 students, for example, are mostly describing + explaining their reasons for choosing a particular text so I'm not sure what I'd say).

    Is there anything in particular we should focus on?

    Do you want comments from profs., students, or both?

  2. Hi Ximena -

    Good questions: I'd like comments from both students and profs. - as your below posts points out, the more their writing seems public, the more invested in it they become.

    And comments at every stage, mostly to help provoke thinking and questions - so, when they're describing why they've chosen certain texts, taking them past summary to the questions these seem to raise, thinking about how they might focus/specify the questions they ask. Then, as they move into working with outside sources, links, kinds of texts, place to look that might help. Reactions, queries, of all types etc.