Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blogging Out.....

This was truly a great experience. I learned things that I didn't expect to learn. Facebook became a collaborative tool that helped students learn not only from the fresh contact that was added to the page, but they also learned from each other by collaborating between short posts from one student to another. For those who say that using technology is time consuming and more work in course planning, I would have to disagree (in the case of using Facebook anyway). Using Facebook actually saved time! First, adding materials to the page is just plain simple! Much faster than having to queue up a DVD or videotape to show a newsclip, or store a youtube link to retrieve and load later, or uploading articles to Blackboard. Secondly, students recorded their presentations rather than using class time to deliver presentations. This, quite frankly, was a major concern at the beginning of the semester as I didn't think I would have enough class time to finish up the course content and have students give presentations. With a focus on oral presentations for business students (a Carnegie project we're working on in business) students recording and uploading their speeches in Facebook can expect feedback from their peers as well as provide feedback to others. This will be a great learning tool for future students. The only issues I did experience were the privacy concerns expressed by a few students. Most students, however, were already on Facebook.

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