Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Survey Suggestions

Do you have any suggestions for the survey? Did you notice any trends or interesting items? Please use the comment button to respond.


  1. I would like questions such as
    *What percentage of your course work was conducted online?
    *What percentage of the grade did your 2.0 activities count for?
    *Checkbox question: "we used 2.0 stuff for research, writing, discussion, teacher/student communication, feedback, other"
    *Did using 2.0 stuff change how connectedyou felt to other students? to the school? to the teacher?
    *Checkbox ?: How frequently did you use tech IN CLASS? OUt of class?

  2. Building on the idea about the increase in writing, perhaps a question such as, "how would you compare the amount of writing - formal and informal - you did in this class, compared to in other similar courses where you didn't use these online tools?

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  4. Oh! I'd also be interested in where students connected from (home vs. on-campus vs. work vs. etc.)

  5. For question #3 "Approximately how many connections did you make with students in other classes?" -- How about "Approximately how many times did you interact online with a student from another class?" or "Approximately how many times did you interact online with any other student from another class?"

  6. 1. Why not add Blackboard to the choices in #1?

    2. Question 2 seems redundant. probably can be incorporated as an "other' choice in #1.

    3. Question 3 is worded awkwardly. What does connections mean? Cosmic, sexual, intellectual?

    4. Not sure what unimpressed might connotate. I think maybe you could change these questions into more Likert scale type questions. For example, 'On a scale of 1- 5, how did you feel about using technology in the class, with one being worried, and 5 being excited.

    5. change or delete. Doesn't make much sense in terms of the previous question.

    6. What if they didn't do this? Some other option in the answers might be necessary

  7. How about some kind of usage statistics (if you had room):

    *How many hours did you spend each week writing using online tools (with numerical ranges for options)?

    *How did you access the online tools for this course? (Check all that apply: computer lab, your own computer/laptop/netbook, smart phone, other)?

    *Information literacy: Did your experience in this class allow to you develop your skills in evaluating online sources (etc.)? (Part of the College's core competencies)

  8. The survey in its current form provides helpful *internal* feedback--for helping us to arrive at a preliminary sense of "how things are going." However, the greater function of surveys--at least from my perspective in dealing with funders and whatnot--is collecting empirical data that can be reported *externally*. As such, I'd like to see the survey revised to incorporate more questions (such as the ones that Paul recommended from the CCSSE) that allow for college-wide and national comparison. That way, we can see through the data whether our collective efforts are "working" to some provable degree. I'm not numerically-minded by nature, but I've learned that money-holders tend to be; they want to see that there's a +1.7 differential between students in project X and non-targeted students.

    As for revising individual questions as they stand now, here are a few suggestions:

    * I'd follow up #1 (which asks which tools students used in their classes) with a question--or series of questions--that asks students to rate how effective and how enjoyable they found each one. That way, we would know not only that a student *used* Facebook, but that she or he found it to be a productive learning tool and fun.

    * I'd ask a follow-up question to #2 that asks students to define which specific types of "connections" they made with other students. It's great to know that a student made "10+ connections" with peers; it would be even more helpful to know that half of those "connections" were one-off discussion board exchanges, a quarter were sustained collaborations, & etc.

    * I'd recommend expanding the scale of #6 (which currently allows only three options--"very," "somewhat," and "not") to something like a five-point likert scale. Doing so, I think, would just allow for more nuanced comparison.

  9. Would like specific questions about experience of writing online, quantity of writing compared to non hybrid course, attitude toward the writing, voice, comfort level, changes in attitude, ownership, independence from boxed in kinds of class prompts (transcendence?)

    Same about community online: benefits for class work, group work, facility of tools online--posting, research, youtube

    Finally would like to open up narrative section at end with some guided questions about why they liked the various platforms they used and how those platforms helped them with their coursework, understanding of materials...

  10. It would be interesting to know *how" students are connecting - phones? laptops? netbooks?

  11. Suggestions:

    Question 3. "Approximately how many connections did you make with students in other classes?"

    What does "connection" mean? Can there be a small explanation? Or ask "how many times did you interact online with students in other classes?"

    Also, some possible questions can be

    Rate how much the internet tools used and interactions with other classes helped you in the following areas


    a. Generating ideas
    b. re-examining own ideas
    c. critically assessing my own work
    d. encountering another perspective
    e. exchanging ideas
    f. feedback on my own work

  12. I like Steve's suggestion about a question asking where students do their connecting (in class, in open labs, at home, from smartphones, etc.). That might help us to build a case to the college for expanded resources.