Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Community 2.0, v. 1.00

It was exciting to see so many possible connections between classes with other members of the seminar. I hope to follow up online soon to create interactions between classes. The only challenges I see are that it might be difficult to synch up with different syllabi and so forth. Anyway, it was wonderful to meet everyone and find so many classes sharing common themes. As always, with the Internet, it is a question of finding the good stuff--it's all out there--and I hope we can all find a 'workflow' that allows us to make the 'use cases' outlined on our flyer of ways to connect (sorry about the jargon). It strikes me that there is an opportunity to create some best practices on how to connect classes (which are not entirely public and not entirely private) and the notion of a small (but not so small) 'garden' (that's a metaphor), not quite walled off, but open to visits by other classes....

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