Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Facebook Takeover?

I had an interesting observation earlier today as I walked by the C-building lobby. There are eight quick reference computers set up for student use and every single station was occupied by a student who was updating his/her Facebook account. I know the “sample” size was small, but it was still an interesting observation. I wonder if anybody else has had similar experiences with students either requesting to use Facebook instead of some other online platforms, or just being surprised by the popularity of this networking tool.


  1. I think your observation is correct; I am a notoriously late adopter (really) and even I got sucked into the world of FB this summer. It is definitely a tool of choice--it's just a question of seeing how many online articles have the option of "sharing to FB" and etc.

  2. Yeah, FB is kind of back after a slight lull with MySpace. I think MySpace was too boring overall, so students are going back to FB. (Even Twitter seems a bit "over" according to one of my students).