Wednesday, September 8, 2010

fate, identity, soul, challenges

Luke and I are making a connection between Oedipus and Minority report re fate and free will--the way you can know your fate (prediction), try to avoid it; struggle with ethical consequences of choice; function of oracle; Rich and I may do something with and Ishiguro theme (his cluster, my World Lit class)--souls and soullessness--what happens when you are trapped by ideology [but aren't we all??]; (I am teaching Remains of the Day; he is teaching Never Let me Go)--conversation with Rich--he reminded me of film version of McKewan novel, Enduring Love--which deals with question I am already using for first class (Justice Cluster) --what would you sacrifice your life for--us or me question--I use a Peter Singer Story about a boy, a train and a Bugatti (forced choice); Marianne and I are thinking about having her FSM students mid semester answer questions posed by my 101 students about challenges they are facing first semester in college (dear abby); Marianne says this would be a good way of finding out what they have incorporated from her class. Linda and I are thinking about Orwell connection (her text and maybe mine--Why are Beggars Despised?). And Ximena and I are working on Shakespeare's ideas about justice (mid-semester) and then her students can help mine prep for final on justice (she has elective on Shakespeare--I teach Macbeth in 101).

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