Saturday, September 18, 2010

The First Week Shuffle!

First off - I have to give my thanks to the scheduling gods for at least SOME lab time in every one of my classes!!!! However, the first week was marked by a lot of room shuffling which resulted in less than ideal conditions to "set the tone" for the semester. But, onward and upward and with fixed schedules into the future.

This semester I will continue to maintain course blogs and I will continue to have students build and maintain their own blogs where their work will be posted. There are a few major changes I am making this year:

1) I hope to have less paper-centric class. I want to read and respond to student writing electronically. I haven't figured out how yet, but Jason and Ximena have made great suggestions. I'm open to others. (I am still using a print coursepack. I love the idea of digital reading, but I also love the idea of students having their reading in front of them and making notes on it - even on the tech-free classroom days.) @ Jason - how do you handle this?

2) I am using facebook, del.ic.ious and twitter as parts of the class for the first time. I continue to use blogger, youtube, TED, podcasts etc. as before.

3) I am having 101 students from different sections cross evaluate drafts of papers.

4) I am training my 103 students as research coaches who will help 101 students write research papers.

All in all, I'm over my head but very excited!


  1. @Lizzie--I have students either look at the documents online (if in a lab) or on their smart phones, netbooks, or whatever (if not in a lab, but with reception or downloaded) or I have them print copies themselves. Every option is acceptable as long as they have it "a mano". But, like I said in the post on my blog, I am backing off paperless to paper-light. Too many issues to deal with at the moment. I figure with 2 years of ZERO photocopies LAGCC can give me a few while I work a few kinks out, right?

  2. Lizzie--

    As long as I cannot fully rely on LAGCC's net, I have paper as backup, Plan B, whatever you want to call it. The good news is that there is a growing trend to get laptops budled with some kind of connection to the net, so sooner rather than later LAGCC's connectivity will not be that much of an issue--we may not even need to fight for labs!