Sunday, September 26, 2010

Google Docs and Blog comments

Here is my report on two fronts:

Google docs worked great. Somehow my students were not asked to create gmail accounts, but I did ask them to send me the very same e-mail account they used in creating their blog (some had aol, some yahoo, some hotmail). Maybe because some had blogger already before class it made a difference. Or maybe google is messing with our minds. Nonetheless, I am really excited with having all the comments on their drafts in one place. I am going to test the capacity, but I plan to paste the whole document and "bubble" comments in the future.

Speaking of comments, it is funny to see the different number of comments blogs get from classmates. I plan to see when it will become noticeable so that I can address the issue with students--that they in fact have to consider how their audience reacts (or not) and change what needs change. An interesting question came up regarding what is the final form of a post. A student asked what happens if they go back and edit past the deadline or after a comment was posted and they try to address whatever issue the comment addressed. I told them I would prefer that for essays at least they post another blog titles "revised essay" so that both forms are present. I do not know if that was just my gut reaction, however, used as I am to non-electronic texts.

And as you have been reading, my students will have some interaction with Ximena's and Jason's classes soon. I am curious to how this will go.

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  1. So, each student is using Google Docs and sharing w/you? {Sorry if I did not get the specifics correctly).

    And yes, it makes a huge difference if they have a Blogger account--apparently since Google already has their info., they can log in no problem....

    I have the specifics for Tuesday's interaction; will call you soon....