Friday, September 24, 2010

Update: Google Docs Gradebooks and other

Potential Google Docs as Gradebook users read this!

So I had mixed results with Google Docs Gradebook. Reason: I used student's e-mail addresses for sharing. BUT if the e-mail address is NOT Gmail, the student was prompted to create a Google Account to be able to see the document (sneaky b------s!).

Sooo, for those with the students who have AOL or Yahoo! or whatever I am going to create a shareable link for each document this week-end.*sigh* I guess with technology you always have to try everything more than once for it to maybe work.

So far, so good--I've got all my students "wired" and working. My Basic Writers are in Blog 3 and have completed the Student Survey, my Shakespeare in Ning 4, and may complete the survey today.

Also, Luke and I are plotting to have his ENG101 students descend on my ENA099 students next week (details forthcoming) and this morning I shared the gradebook Google Docs with most my Shakespeare students. I am just holding back on a few because I want to make sure that they want to use that e-mail address. Why? Well, for instance, one male student gave me an e-mail address that is clearly a female's e-mail address, so I want to make sure he's the only one that can view his own grades.

Lastly, I am working with Linda on her Spruz community today. Anyone that needs helps with tools, let me know.

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