Monday, September 20, 2010

List of student computer labs?

In response to Marianne's post-Creating Blogger Accounts, Doctor X mentioned that computers are available to students in student computer lab in B333? Does anyone have or know where to look up a list of all student computer labs and their schedules?


  1. The best I can give you is the list from LaGuardia IT at
    Click on the different times to see what lab is (supposedly) open. You may want to add thsi as a link in your blogs/Ning/ Wikis etc.

    Also, B333 is ONLY a student lab and it is HUGE.

  2. Going forward, this request might be important to move up the food chain. If faculty could easily get info on which rooms have which kinds of technology it would help us teach better.

    Theres an old and less than accurate list somewhere, but an updated one would be priceless

  3. Mmm--priceless may be right. But as we slowly get recognition from the powers that be, the possibility of an updated list may not be impossible.