Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Matrix, Supernatural, and my Freerice Warriors

So, it seems that I now have 100% of one of my ENG102 sections blogging and linked and about 90% of the other 102 section blogging and linked (they have only met once so far due to the wonky schedule, so that is OK) and the ENG099 is 100% for those attending (I have three students MIA). I have run into an issue with having both my 102s on the same blog when they only meet once a week--my posts are sequential and there are sometimes several per class so when the Tuesday class meets next week their "To Do" list will be three posts down. I think what I might do is temporarily hide the additional posts just for that class period until I need them. However, I know many of the students are checking the blog during the week. In any case, I think I can figure this one out. This may be a case where, in the future, I'll need to switch off of the blog as my "Main Page" and use Google Groups or Google Sites instead and then use the blog only for the blog assignments. I'll think on that one this upcoming wee, but I think I can solve this using blogger if I design my posts better and post them in a different order.

My other issue is that I need to start having students responding to one another's blogs from home, preferably across classes, but the wonky schedule currently has put the two classes out of sync. I'm going to try and rectify that next week.

Coming up Luke and Ximena and I are going to be trying a simple intervention where Luke's cluster class is going to read and comment on some of our students' posts on The Allegory of the Cave. We have all approached this from different angles. Mine are using the Hero's Quest/Monomyth as the basis for "reading" the dialog and then comparing it to their own lives (an assignment based on one from John Chaffee's book Thinking Critically). I am looking forward to it and the students seemed excited about connecting with other classes.

Freerice Wars! On a lighter note, my students took my at my word that we would be competing with other classes on Freerice and have managed to rack up thousands of grains each in both vocabulary and grammar. OK, so I did assign it for part of their lab hour, but they took this seriously and are really working hard. Watch out you Freerice people! The Matrix Team is in the house!


  1. And here is where I surmise you think IT does not read your blogs: (from the ENG 99 Truman showing):
    "Food and drinks are allowed in the computer lab for this event"

  2. LOL. You busted me there. I risk the wrath of IT so we can all be "cool" together in breaking the rules. Besides, they ain't the boss of me!

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