Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Community 2.0 or Online Support Group

On my way to today's Community 2.0seminar, the first for this term, I was a little apprehensive sort of as if it were the first day of class and I was the new kid. Also, aside from not being incredibly technology/Internet savvy, I am still working out the exact format for the ENG 101 class I'm teaching this term. But during the course of the seminar and the super fun 'speed dating' activity, I found that the participants and their exciting courses will be a wonderful resource in both constructing my course as well as exploring different, innovative ways of enriching not only mine, but my students' ENG 101 experience. As the theme of my course is masculinities, and one of the units will focus on media portrayals of men , Luke Vasileiou's SciFi and Philosophy course, particularly its popular culture aspect, will be a great means of connecting our classes. Another aspect of masculinity or it's physical formation which my class will discuss, will benefit greatly from Karim Sharif's biology class. There are numerous other connections I made with other instructors reading common readings, like the Icarus myth, which Corbett Treece will be reading with her ENG 102 class and possibly a Shakespeare play that Xiema Gallardo's class will be reading. Last but not least, I'll try to connect my students with Ann Matsuuchi's students regarding research and source evaluation when they are working on their research papers. Having met a number of new colleagues, I am looking forward to a fun and exciting semester.

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