Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reflection on 9/8 seminar

As it turns out, I found out from the "speed dating" activity that there are lots of possibilities of connecting my cluster with other classes. There were some obvious connections to begin with, since both Jason and Ximena include The Matrix and the allegory of the cave in their courses. Additionally, Richard deals with ideas of brains, minds, consciousness in his ENG 101 class and Magda is also looking at media in her ENG 101 class, so I will be able to have my students interact with her students, seeing as how I am teaching a media cluster.
I have taught this class before (as an ENG 101) and there had been some issues that had come up during class discussions for which I wished I had more outside input. In the discussion of Gattaca, for instance, I would have liked for the students to get some feedback from someone with knowledge of biology as to what is plausible in that movie, and I will be able to do this by connecting with Karim's Fundamentals of Biology class. Also, when in class we discussed Minority Report, I would spend some time going over some basic plot points of Oedipus the King but this mere mention did not do justice to the connections the movie has to the classical play. Thanks to Phyllis and her liberal arts cluster, my students will be able to interact with students who have read the play and they will be able to discuss what kind of conclusions they draw about the issues of fate, foreknowledge, and free will based on the texts (film, play) they respectively read and what kind of comparisons/contrasts they reach.
As to what I am concerned with now, I simply want to see how I will be able to utilize all these connections in my students' blog assignments schedule.

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