Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This was a great way to kick off a semester but if we met in June it would have given me more time to figure out what I wanted to do over the summer especially since classes begin next week. I have a hard time waiting until next Spring to put this fully into action! The speed-dating was an interesting activity (what I have always called ice breakers) to learn more about individuals in the seminar since we will be meeting online for most of this seminar – a way to connect a name and face is always helpful. I like the opportunity to connect outside of my department and pleased to see that there are pieces of assignments in a number of courses that would be available for student connections – Lizzie, Rich, Linda, Luke, and Marianne. Many times I try to do too much – myself and with my students – so I need to think small for the first time. My courses are very specific and I rarely have the flexibility that I see in some of the English courses regarding material. I know that many of my students postpone taking English and if I can connect and introduce some of the material that I have viewed today perhaps I can encourage them to register for these classes in Spring….forging another connection. However, as a licensed social worker, issues of privacy and confidentiality concern me since many of the assignments my students complete are personal. I need to negotiate the line about what is private since many of the tools are public.

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