Monday, September 27, 2010

Setting up my Blogger

This week I met only with my Wednesday group because of the Commencement on Tuesday. About one third of the students had created their Blogger accounts and the others had either forgotten or were unable to create one. I reviewed the instructions one more time, and referred any additional problems or technical questions to B-333 (thanks Dr. X). Some students suggested using Facebook instead of Blogger because of its popularity among students and frequency of use. I will definitely consider using it next term, however, I have decided to stay with Blogger for now as many of the students had already created their accounts. Nevertheless, I am experimenting with Facebook this semester on a separate, but related project. I recently created a Facebook page for the College Discovery Program and Alumni, and I will be using it as a communication tool with CD students. I will keep you posted on the success of this page as well.

I decided to go with Blogger as my web 2.0 platform for the semester. It took me a while to figure out how to create the horizontal page tabs, but managed to create them after utilizing the help-index (it’s quite helpful by the way). I’m still having trouble attaching my syllabi (word) and a handbook (pdf). Steve and I continued to discuss various ways to connect across curriculum, and some of the ideas were:

1. College life at LaGCC
2. Professors’ expectations and/or appropriate classroom conduct
3. How to prepare for exams
4. Tips and tools for college survival


  1. Hey Ms. K--

    I recommend Google Docs for your syllabus. Just sign into Google using your Blogger username + password and then select "more"--the last of the options on the top of the screen. Then select "Documents" from the pull down menu.

    Google Docs allows you to upload Word docs, pdfs, etc. To share with your class, click "Share" on the right-hand side and then "Change" the privacy settings so that you get a link. Copy and paste the link to your blog and voila!

  2. I like Google Docs as well. You can also get there from Blogger by signing in to your blog then clicking "account" in the upper right-hand corner. Docs should be a button on the next screen.

  3. Re: the help-index

    As you've found, most Web applications have extensive and very clear help sections. Given that so many people seem to be reporting confusion (real or feigned) on the part of students, it seems that one secondary objective of all of these efforts is to teach students how to be savvy Web users. They don't need to have all the answers; they just need to know how to look for them.

  4. Thank you, I was able to upload my syllabus using Google Docs.