Friday, September 10, 2010

Too Much Fun!

What a great opportunity to work with such wonderful and creative people. I was reminded of hte good old days when I used to be a techy. That's why I ran home and launched Spruz. Lo and behold, I saw that I could create a whole digital city: Lautrecville. I can't say that there is much to the city yet....more like a burnt out abandoned blight at this point. BUT, the point is that there are so many new fun (or "phun," as I tagged it) things to learn and do. Now, I am thinking of having my English 101 classes build a virtual city. Each city will have a radio station (podcast), a newspaper (articles), movie theater (well, we'll see about that), and presentations. I'm hoping to build this brick by brick. Anyone who wants to help is exceedingly welcome. Ideas? Thanks, you guys! I think that this is going to be a phenomenal (or should that be "fun-om-in-all"?) experience. I'll keep you posted with "postcards" from my cities.


  1. Hey Linda!

    I also have a small Spruz site where I house my archived courses and I have been getting acquainted with its great features, so I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences taking it live with your students. hey, you can be our Spruz resident expert! :-)

  2. Hi Linda--want to see postcards from Lautrecville--this all sounds really creative --I wouldn't know how to advise you but probably Dr X can help--how will students add to the city? I want to know about Spruz too as it is closest to Ning--am especially interested to know if it has a GROUP space--where students can work together.