Friday, September 17, 2010

Using Community 2.0

I am indeed using you people already. Sorta. I decided to use the connections through this seminar to talk about conceptions of audience. I added Jason and Ximena's blogs and Phyllis' Ning to the blog roll of the class blog and when we were discussing audience I informed students that they should expect both other faculty and students to be audiences for them--not audiences they have to target, but audiences they have to consider. However, I also let them know of the upcoming connections (through The Matrix and Oedipus) in which there will be interactions where the other students--and perhaps faculty--will be the intended audience. It was one of the few instances ever where talking about audience did not feel like a fabrication, and that was a very empowering sensation. So, things have been going well so far. In fact, I am thrilled to have a computer lab twice a week, one for ENG 103 and one for LIB 110, as students have been doing their work in the lab, but this weekend they had their first out of class blog assignment. We will see how that goes.

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  1. Isn't it great to be able to work outside the box (in this case, the classroom)? To move from "simulation" to something at least closer to the real?

    On the same topic, my ENA099 students were apprehensive when they realized their blogs were public (several asked whether they could edit their entries to make them "better"), but also, interestingly, they were clearly excited that they were "out there" in the world.