Friday, October 8, 2010

Witches, CATWs, and Collective Thinking

The Weird Sisters--The Great Lakes Theater Festival, 2008
So, this week was spent planning for new types of interactions among students. Dr. Van and I had a brief discussion about my Shakespeare class commenting on videos of her Justice for All students' staging scenes from Macbeth via the Ning sometime late in October. Since the scenes involve The Weird Sisters, it may be an excellent way to celebrate Halloween. :-)

Jason and I also discussed ways to connect our Basic Writing students. One simple way is to have them take the same practice CUNY Writing tests and then have them comment on each other's responses. Jason has chosen to have his students revise their responses while I have asked mine to leave them as they originally wrote them to get a sense of what/how they can write in 90 minutes.

We are also planning a second connection starting sometime next week using the Sharing option in Blogger to have students do some creative/critical collective thinking about the shared topics of our courses (illusion/simulation vs. reality, dystopia, identity, media culture, etc.). I am very excited about the possibilities of this exercise, and I think it may become a staple seminar interaction. Stay Tuned!

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