Sunday, October 24, 2010

Degrees of Success

I am really into writing (much more than into teaching literature) and getting even one student who comes to see writing as part of their self-expession is enough for me. One of my students in the cluster went ahead and created his own blog, separate from the class one, and now he posts there pictures about his skating, his thoughts on other events, on his friends, etc. Sure his entries have run-ons and who knows what his documentation style will be like when we get to the 103 paper, but in my bizarre way of measuring success he has achieved more than an A student who will put writing aside when the class is over and never think of using it as an outlet again.

On another note, after reading and soliticing more feedback from students on the cross-posting experiment they had with another class, it turns out they want more of it, mainly because in the cluster they end up being with the same group of students so much, that objectivity and distance quickly fade. So I am looking at the links here and trying to see with whom we can connect next. Any ideas are most welcome.


  1. I'm very jealous of your Artisan/Idealist, to quote the Professor types from the link Prof. McCormick included in her post, teaching approach. For some reason, I am such a hard-buttock when it comes to my students' writing even on their blogs. This is probably due to the fact that most of the writing they post on their blogs is pre-writing/drafts of their papers. I really need to chill out.

    My class connected with Prof. Matsuuchi's LRC103 class for a research paper. So if you'd like maybe our classes can connect later in the term? Maybe we can exchange syllabi and figure out a connection?

  2. Hi Miss B,
    for whatever good the personality tests may be, my personality type is actually not the artisan or idealist type (or even the guardian). :)
    I am guessing each of us deals with students' surface errors in a way we feel comfortable, and the diverse backgrounds of students do not make things easier.

    How many students do you have? We can work on a thematic connection but also our students can read their drafts and give comments (I have 21).