Thursday, October 21, 2010

E-reader study

I hope it's ok if I solicit here for a (not entirely unrelated) study I'm working on. Scott White, Helen Rozelman and I are currently conducting a very limited Sony E-Reader study with human services class and were hoping on finding a comparative group to administer an online survey to at the end of the semester. Anyone here teaching a class where they provide all readings in an electronic form through electronic reserves (ERES) or by posting on BlackBoard?


  1. All of my readings are online, but I use Google Docs. Would that apply?


  2. I scanned all of the readings for my class and put them up on Blackboard and on the class blog. Let me know what is involved in the survey and I'll pitch it to my students as extra credit :)

  3. Thanks J & Ms B: This sounds like a great possibility; will ask Scott and contact you about the survey.