Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great Expectations

We are now in the fifth week of classes and I have a good handle on who is doing what, who will probably disappear, and who is technologically challenged. Since internships begin mid-December, it is time to get resumes reasonably perfected in FPA. This week we will begin using Office web apps through the student Live accounts. I will upload my samples, along with some templates that I would like them to use -- I do not like students using the Word resume templates since many do not understand how to make corrections within a template and some styles are outdated. My templates are basic Word files that they can overwrite. Of course one of my challenges is to upload all email addresses so that I can share the folder...time consuming. However, when this is done, students can share their resumes and it will make it easier to correct them for internship interviews.

I know that since I uploaded the emails to the Wiki site, a number of my seminar students have at least looked at the site. Now, I will await their postings. Since it is more of a final project, I don't expect immediate results. You have all been added as readers and should have received an email by now. You may want to change your notification option so that you do not receive an email each time someone makes a change to the site (see http://usermanual.pbworks.com/Notifications+-+My+PBworks for help).

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