Monday, October 25, 2010

Mid-semester plans

Last week we used VoiceBoard for one-minute elevator pitches. Since some students had trouble as I indicated in my last post, we used a part of the Studio Hour that is a co-req of FPA since all the equipment was there and STMs to help. Even going this far, there were students who sat in the room, headsets on, and didn't complete the assignment - looks like a zero for each of them. Not knowing what to say at this point didn't work since the assignment was due two weeks ago. If they do not know how to sell themselves on an interview......... Remember that this was really a draft before we spent time on task; I wanted them to begin practice and this was a low stakes assignment -- did they do it was what I was looking for. Next week we begin real interview practice and they we will have video interview simulations. I wonder how many will not show up for class that day. I'll keep you posted on some of the other audio prep activities we will complete.

I am planning a cross posting with my internship seminar. The seminar is bi-weekly so I am looking for a common time to tie the two activities together -- needs to fit the syllabus for both classes to be vested in the assignment.

Today is their midterm administered through Blackboard. I know there will be problems!


  1. is there any chance we would get to see their video interviews? Would they mind?

  2. That's discouraging about the non-participating students for sure, but do you think it was the added technology component that they resisted, or the assignment in general? Have these particular students otherwise been reliably doing the work of your course?

  3. As for videos, we will do these in November and I will ask for permission to share. As for the audio files, some of the non-participating students are those that are hit/miss with assignments, some the very shy, and some have done very little all semester - a real mixture. As for the technology, I alert them in the beginning of the semester of the types of projects required...when they still have time to change sections.