Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mid-semester Updates...

The last few weeks have been quite uneventful. Students have continued to work on their blogs and Mr. Dauz’s SSY260 students have posted comments as appropriate. Those students who had received comments on their blogs found them to be helpful and informative, while other students had neither received any nor noticed them below their posts. There also appears to be a small number of students who value the idea of blogging and recognize its usefulness while others choose to write the bare minimum. Unfortunately, students have not embraced their blogs as an online journal outside the class where they would document and track their progress throughout the first semester. Also, students are not inclined to complete their blog entries at home if they have no time to complete them in class.

In a sense, I do understand the students’ point of view as many of them are using various technology tools in different classes. “Journaling,” in addition to writing essays, completing assignments and studying for exams, may not be their top priority. Freshman Seminar is not a writing based course per se, and students do not receive college credit or grade for the course. Personally, I am glad for this experience, and I will continue to find ways to make it more effective, useful and engaging for the students. However, I will seriously consider switching to Facebook for the next semester as it offers a tighter “social” network and ultimately, may be a better tool for FSM. Let’s see what happens.


  1. I would encourage you to experiment and compare. The idea is to hit the "sweet spot" where students will see what they are doing as helpful and then...they don't need you that much anymore. :-)

  2. I agree--once they start connecting, they continue--the key seems to be that they feel they own the site so facebook might be a good idea...