Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Quick Update

Hi all--

Ximena and I are working with Blogger and prepping for our students to cross-post on one anothers' blogs. We are not yet sure how well it will work, but our tests look promising. They will be posting artifacts about simulation culture and then cross-posting and responding. The blog may not be the best place for this activity, but we will find out soon enough and can modify for Spring.

My 102 classes seem to be having a good time connecting with one another, but I had to take time to emphasize the importance of the blog and how much weight it carries in the class as quite a few were operating at the absolute minimum level. Their current collective assignment is HERE and have higher hopes for this one.

Next semester I need to show them sample "acceptable" entries before they get started. Also, it seems to take about three weeks for the group members to start responding to one another regularly. I am looking for a fix for that as well. I would like them to start commenting on one anothers' posts much more quickly. Perhaps if I emphasize commenting during class and actually have it as an assignment for the first few class meetings rather than just as part of their homework (especially since the 102 meets once a week).

More soon!


  1. I am beginning to think blogger may not be that good for leaving comments, because students don't easily do it unless I give them time in the lab. On the other hand, my students have written so much during the first 4 weeks, it is easily 50-70% more than a non-networked class writes. So, I think I am willing to accept the trade off for writing classes at least.

  2. I totally agree w/your assessment. This is why I have chosen blogs for ENG099--what these students need to do is write, write, write, prewrite, revise, etc. For that, the blog works like a charm...

  3. I would use Google Groups for "discussions" but I am trying to cultivate a culture of commenting this semester. I may need to mediate how that happens very soon! (Though I did try and put the fear of god into them. My 102's should now be responding more and more seriously . . . . checking . . . )